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Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Sims! Happy Birthday to you! And many more....!

Help Blow Out The Candles!

Who can make 4 grilled cheese sandwiches and eat them the fastest? Find out which team is watching their carbs in the latest episode of The Strangerhood.

Who Got Eliminated?

February 14 it's that time of the year again, time to let your (secret) love know how special they are. You can do this in many ways: give them flowers, a tasty box of chocolates... or send a Sims Valentine's greet!

The fun part of a Sims Valentine's greeting, is that you can win something with it too! The coolest Valentine's greeting will be rewarded with an exclusive Sims mouse. We'll also give out three Sims pencil cases.

The Sims community has a new gift for you, an exclusive screensaver!

Very soon you will be able to download an exclusive Sims screensaver on the Sims community. This screensaver will turn your computer in a Valentine's mood. The screensaver will also promote The Sims 2 University, and it will contain some never before seen screenshots.

After Valentine's Day, the fun continues! The screensaver will be automatically renewed, with new animations and screenshots. So you'll never know when you'll be surprised, when you startup the screensaver!

The winners have been announced for The Sims 2 New Beginnings Movie Contest! Congratulations to Aprylhalbrooks14 for creating the winning film, "New You"!

Watch the winning movies

Just in time for Valentines Day is the new Veronaville theme for your MySims page. See it in action at MaxoidMonkey's place.

See It On MaxoidMonkey's MySimPage

Let your voice be heard and take a short survey!

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Check out the latest screenshots of The Sims 2 University on

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Our favorite comedy site interviews our favorite game designer.

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The Academy Of Interactive Arts & Sciences has awarded The Sims 2 with Simulation Of The Year!

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