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Now you can show your off your love for Zombies or your devotion to your Fraternity or Sorority with 2 new themes available for your MySims page.

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Be sure to tune into G4 today at 4:pm PST to hear Tim talk about The Sims 2 University!.

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Beware, your Sims are taking over campus in the first expansion pack for The Sims 2. Click here to read the (Dutch) press release.

"Does Sims 2 University significantly add to the Sims 2 experience? Is it worth the money? The short answer to both questions is yes: there's a lot of meaty content here and some awesome new gameplay to explore."

Party On!

"It provides a whole campus for these young adults, complete with all the essentials, such as classes, grades, and career paths. It also offers a ton of extracurricular activities, including dorm parties, fraternity/sorority cliques, and mascot brawls."

Throw Your Mortar Board In The Air!

The Sims celebrates its five-year anniversary this month, but it all started with a toilet. interviews Will Wright.

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Resie is back in The Netherlands, and she has a lot to tell us!

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Have you seen The Sims 2 University TV commercial? If not you can catch a repeat performance here.

"I get really fascinated with certain aspects of the real world. It's a process of discovery, where something as boring as city planning is actually very interesting if you see it the right way."

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"Jimmy Jr. steps headlong into his junior year and the end of innocence..."

Will Jimmy Graduate?



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