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A fresh new batch of University screenshots are now available in the Expansion Pack section. Enjoy!

I Wanna See!

Want to add a new neighborhood to your game? Find the balance in your life with the new Ying-Yang island location available in the new Neighborhoods area of the GetCoolStuff section.

Find The Balance!

The Sims 2

"In the latest edition of our designer diaries, Hunter Howe, one of the designers on University, tells us some fun anecdotes about developing the game."

Show Me The Gold!

What better way to see the upcoming Sims 2 expansion pack than through the eyes of a Sim herself?

Peek In On Her Correspondence

The Simscommunity gave Graciesim (Resie) the opportunity to travel to the exclusive SIMposium in Redwood City on behalf of Simparool.

When she gets back, she'll write an extensive report about everything she has experienced!

Graciesim has already sent us a message, read here what she has done in Redwood City and... who she has met...

Watch The Sims 2 University in action as Senior Producer Tim LeTourneau gives you a video tour of The Sims 2 University.

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Watch Developer Video

Watch how 2 different bands rock the crowd at a University house party.

3 delicious new University themed wallpapers are now available in the Get Cool Stuff section. Download yours today!

Go To GetCoolStuff!

Help celebrate their 5 year anniversary! They have a new contest where you can win a copy of The Sims 2 University!

Let's Get This Party Started!

Greetings All,

Love is in the air at Maxis. OK, that sounds really cheesy, but the Cupid upload did appear on today as our little Valentine's gift to you.



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