SimGuruRiley's Valentine's Day crafts

SimGuruRiley made these adorable Valentine's Day crafts for her colleagues at The Sims Studio! Aren't they the best?

Are you making anything Sims related for Valentine's Day? Let us know!

SimGuruRiley has recently shared a new blog tal

This is kind of funny because, some of you might remember, last year we organized this wave of funny selfie compilations at The Sims 4 Faces Project, because of that one render that The Sims Studio released:

Hi Guys! Whatchya think of the new #Sims4 avatar?

#Sims #FreezerBunny in my most favorite meeting room evah!

#FreezerBunny with some new wallpaper at the office.

#FreezerBunny in front of our new timeline #sims Special shoutout to @SimGuruRachel and @SimGuruLyndsay