EA Benelux launches, an interactive journey through millions of player created Spore objects.

The website can also be seen in other languages, English being one of them. It's not the same website as by the way. This one has nothing to do with Robot Chicken.

Spore Galactic Adventures Beams Down to Retailers Worldwide This Week

Hilarious Custom-Created Missions by Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken Available for Download on Launch Day

New games Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena Immerse Players into All-New Worlds of Action and Adventure. Read more details in the press release below.

Maxis Teams with Adult Swim's Robot Chicken Writers to Create Hysterical Adventures for Spore Galactic Adventures Available at Launch

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I got a mail from MaxisCactus about a De-Authorization Tool for Spore. It's very interesting.

Hey Everyone,

In recognition of player feedback regarding DRM and SecuROM on Spore, Maxis is offering a standalone download so that users can now "de-authorize" a computer if they would like to make that authorization available for another machine.

This week you will be able to buy the first parts pack for Spore called Creepy & Cute! The official press release can be found below (Read More)

EA has announced the first parts pack called Creepy & Cute and the first expansion pack for the Space Phase. Read all about it in the official press release below (click on Read More).

Already one million Spore games have been sold and 25 million creations uploaded! Woah! Read all about it in the press release at Read More.

A Dutch celebrity, Micha Klein, has awarded many promising artists during the launch of EA's newest game Spore.

During the launch of the newest game Spore from Electronic Arts, Computer Artist- and Veejay pioneer Micha Klein has handed out the first Spore Expo Award and a cash prize to Roos van der Heiden, with her creation 'The Clash Of The Species'. Roos is one of the young artists of Project 7, each of which has, using art and animations, shaped the new game Spore in their own way. The jury criteria for the Spore Expo Award consisted of using your creativity and fantasy, surprise and connect with the universe of Spore.

You can view the Dutch press release here. If you are truly interested, you can translate it through Google or something. I don't think it's really interesting. It doesn't contain any information we haven't posted before.

This week people from all around the world will be able to buy and play Spore. Europe will get it first. The country where I live, The Netherlands, will get it on September 4, as do many other European countries. Here is a list of the release dates and the regions/countries:

-- September 4th:
Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Finland and Australia

-- September 5th:
Rest of Europe and South America

-- September 7th:
North America

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EA has announced that Spore has gone gold. You can read everything in the official press release by clicking on Read More below.

I received a mail from the Dutch community manager Nita about Spore.

More than 2000 creatures crawled onto land yesterday morning to let everyone now that Spore is approaching very soon!

Here is the news post:

The people who were in Knokke (Belgium) last Sunday morning, must have been very surprised! More than 2000 Spore creatures crawled onto land there!

EA has announced a special version of Spore: the Galactic Edition! This awesome edition comes with extras like a DVD with a documentary from the National Geographic Channel called "How to Build a Better Being", a "Making of Spore" DVD, "The Art of Spore" hardback mini-book, a fold-out Spore poster and a 100-page Galactic Handbook. Click Read More to view the full press release!

EA has released an official Press Release about the fact that players have created over 250,000 creatures, made with the Creature Creator which was officially released on June 17, 2008.

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Today is the day everyone can download the Creature Creator and start creating! EA has sent out an official press release. Read more!

EA has released the full version of the Creature Creator to members of the press and also several fan sites - including SporeNetwork.

Legendary Game Designer Will Wright to Appear at the Apple Store in San Francisco on Saturday, June 21st For Public Demo of Hotly-Anticipated New Game SPORE

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EA has announced that it will release the Creature Creator of Spore next month, on June 17. With this editor you can create and share creatures, which you can also play in the full game that is released around September 7. Creations can also be shared with friends, for example through YouTube movies. The free demo contains 25% of all content that will appear in the final game. There will also be a $9.99/€9,99 paid version which contains all content, though it may not be available in all territories. Buying this version may get you a discount for the full game, as SpaceOddity reports about a French discount offer. The SimCity box, which ships June 23, will also contain the free version of the editor. Click Read More to see the full press release.

Last week I read an article on the Eurogamer website, in which it became very clear that Europe is the priority when it comes to the release date of Spore.

"Getting the launch right, getting the game working right here, getting those online features working in Europe... Europe is the priority for Spore," he continued. Isn't it nice to feel loved?

Read the article here.

I received multiple news letters and press releases with the release date from Spore. Here's the press release in English.

"The wait is almost over," said Maxis Chief Designer Will Wright. "We're in our final stages of testing and polish with Spore, and the team at Maxis can't wait to see the cosmos of content created by the community later this year."

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