The Sims 3: Dragon Valley - News

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The Sims 3 | Dragon Valley Has Hatched!

The Sims 3 | Dragon Valley Has Hatched!

Watch the Dragon Valley trailer!

Newest Digital World Now Available

Today, The Sims 3 releases The Sims 3 Dragon Valley, the newest digital world to launch from The Sims Store. In this brand new world, players will journey to a mythical realm of lore and fantasy. Once travellers arrive in Dragon Valley, they will discover a village full of towering Celtic-style architecture that rests along the banks of a gently flowing river and low rising hills.

In about an hour the live chat will start. For your convenience I decided to embed the chat here as well! If you want, you can tweet live with the #TheSimsLB hashtag!

SimGuruSmitty just shared a new screen of the upcoming world Dragon Valley on Twitter.