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Must-Have Stuff for Your Sims' Celebrations!

Your Sims can now celebrate in style with this fun collection of furniture, party fashions, and décor items. Host an elegant wedding with dazzling gowns, swanky tuxedos, and breathtaking dresses for the entire bridal party. Make every moment magical for your Sims with fabulous centerpieces and even a floral wedding arch! Decorate their house and garden to throw the ultimate fiesta and serve hot meals straight off the new grill! Invite the neighbors over for an evening event and set the table with linens and tea lights to create the perfect ambiance. Or throw the ultimate birthday bash with all-new items including birthday cakes, party balloons, and more. Host the social event of the season and celebrate with your Sims!


  • Plan Picture Perfect Weddings: Give your Sims the Wedding Dress of their dreams, dress up the groom in a suave tuxedo, and add beauty and elegance with Wedding Flowers, a scrumptious Wedding Cake, and the perfect Wedding Arch.
  • Decorate the House or Yard for a Birthday Bash! Tempt your guests with delicious Birthday Cakes, add levity with Party Balloon decorations, or break out the Buffet Table and watch Sims line up for the feast!
  • Relax at Outdoor Fiestas and Parties: Light up a nighttime barbecue with inviting Hurricane Lamps, or offer daytime guests a shady repose under summer Umbrellas.
Release Date US: 
3 Apr 2007
Release Date EU: 
5 Apr 2007
Release Date UK: 
6 Apr 2007