Simpedia: The Sims DJ


The Sims DJ for iPod Touch

Get into the groove with The Sims™ DJ - now on your iPod. Create your Sim and hit the clubs. Spin the right tracks to get the Sims crowds dancing. Play songs from your own iTunes library and watch the Sims move to your music. Build cred as you DJ more clubs, gain talents to improve performance and use special skills like couple match to make two Sims adore the same music - and each other. Spend your Simoleons on fresh new clothes to customize your Sim. Scratch and mix your way to DJ superstardom!



  • A dynamic, vivid fun dance club scene lands on your iPod with The Sims DJ.
  • Select and play music from different genres in order to get the Sims dancing.
  • Earn Simoleons for playing gigs, and buy fresh new gear to customize your Sim.
  • Special skills allow the DJ to connect couples, change Sims' musical tastes and more.
  • Easy click wheel controls are perfecdt for spinning records, immersing you in the vibrant Sims club circuit.



The Sims DJ for mobile phones

Get into the groove with The Sims™ DJ! Create your Sim and make your own music by mixing a wide selection of samples in this great Sims game. Compose unique songs in multiple genres like Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, and Dance. Lay down your rhythm tracks, hit the clubs and rock the house. Watch the Sims crowds dance to your best beats on your fun journey to DJ superstardom. Share your new tunes with your friends - create ringtones from your original songs and save to your phone! Play a free mobile game demo of The Sims DJ!



Features may vary by handset

  • Create and Customize your Sim. Personalization choices include male/female, hair color, clothing and more.
  • Create original music by mixing together musical tracks in a variety of popular genres, including Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and Dance. A powerful music engine allows players to select tracks and hear them mix-in instantly.
  • Master a beat-matching rhythm game to lay down the best tracks and bring the crowd to the dance floor.
  • Conquer the clubs by matching your tracks to the musical genres the club-goers in Downtown Pleasantview want to hear.
  • Earn Simoleons to spend on new music tracks and equipment and gear, such as speakers, turntables, headphones, and shades.
  • Create your own ringtones from the samples you create in the game!*

*Feature available on select handsets and carriers.

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