Golden Gate Bridge

If you like the Golden Gate Bridge creature, but don't like text to clutter the desktop space, we get it! So we made one for you without the text. You're welcome.

Still testing the wallpaper. Soon™

It's a Golden Gate Bridge as a creature in Spore! Of all the things... It's not wonky at all when it walks, nope. Anyway, I figured I would create some new wallpapers! This is the widescreen version with a light background. If you are more into dark backgrounds, we've got you (and your screen) covered!

I created a creature based on the Golden Gate Bridge way back in the day. I also made wallpapers back then. But we're not in 2008 anymore, so our display resolutions have changed. This is why I decided to create some new wallpapers with my old creatures. I've already uploaded the light version of the dual screen wallpaper.

I love Spore, and I love the Golden Gate Bridge. So creating a creature based on the Golden Gate Bridge was one of the first things I did in Spore. I also created Spore wallpapers of my creatures at the time, including one with the Golden Gate Bridge creature. But that was over 10 years ago. Times have changed, and so have our (display) resolutions. So I present to you a new hi-res (dual) wallpaper.