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Day 2. Still full of energy. #TheSims4 #EAE3

How does #TheSims4 team look?

SimGuruArgus on camera. #thesims4

Crazy lines at #thesims4 #eae3

Doors just opened. We are ready! #thesims4 #eae3

A glimpse of #TheSims4 booth before the crowd comes. We are ready for #EAE3!

What kind of song do you think he is playing?

Prepping for #eae3 Big breakfasts are essential! #thesims4

Who is this handsome dancing dude? Endless possibilities in The Sims 4. #TheSims4

The Sims 4: Stories Official Gameplay Trailer

Create unique stories in The Sims 4. Watch weirder stories unfold in our official gameplay trailer.



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