Some SporeNetwork changes

Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 15:47

With the new theme, I also worked on a couple of other changes:

  • Sporepedia is no longer a link to another website, but a new encyclopedia for all Spore games. It's not a wiki! Sporepedia already contains some information, but it's not complete yet.
  • A couple of menu items have disappeared in the new theme, such as screenshots, videos, information, help and some more. This can now be found under Sporepedia and saves a lot of space.
  • There was a lot of spam in the comments section, so we deleted all the comments (as far as we could see it, the website didn't contain any real comments anyway. We also deleted all the spammers. To prevent more spammers from joining the website and commenting, the comments are now moderated. Accounts have to be approved. But you don't need an account to post a comment.
  • The forums have been reorganized. The Spore showcase forums can now be found under Spore. A Darkspore forum has been added. So be sure to pay the forums a visit!
  • There is a new poll about Darkspore!
  • Old release dates have been removed (you can still see them in Sporepedia), and updated with Darkspore release dates!
  • The website members list and profile pages have been given a make-over! In the members list and on profile pages you can see difference between male, female and gender unknown profiles.
  • We updated the affiliates block, since some affiliates have closed their websites.
  • The social networking block has also been updated; We have a new Facebook page!
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